Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HD 113 Election: Meet Chuck Williams

Chuck Williams

Community-based values.
Common-sense government.
Why I'm running I do not believe that State government can be all things to all people.  State government cannot effectively  deal with every issue faced by Georgians. State government should play a supporting role to the private sector, as true job growth and economic prosperity will primarily  come from private investment, not public investment.  My service will be guided by the Oath of Office I will take:  to uphold the laws and Constitution of Georgia and the US.  Beyond that, representing the interests of  residents of the 113th and being a responsible steward of the State's resources will be my guide. 
The 113th is a very unique district.  It is home to UGA, which is Georgia's flagship educational institution, and also a major  Land Grant institution.  The 113th is home to significant State and Federal agricultural research facilities.  The 113th contains the eastern-most leg of Highway 316, an Athens-to-Atlanta connector that holds significant but as-of-yet undeveloped economic development potential.  The 113th contains significant cultural and natural resources, which must be protected while being used intelligently to enhance the quality of life for our residents.  And the 113th is home to a diverse population base that is an asset to our communities