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Athens GOP 
Nominations Committee Meetings
The Athens GOP Nominations Committee will hold two meetings before the March 14th County Convention.  This committee will meet and hear from Clarke County Republicans who want to serve as delegates to the 9th, 10th and Start Convention as well as from individuals who are interested in serving in CCRC Officer Roles (2015 - 2017)
Wednesday, March 11th at Locos Westside (6-8pm)
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Thursday, March 12th at Locos Eastside (6-8pm)
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Resolutions Deadline
The deadline for submitting resolutions to committee is Thursday, March 12th. Please submit all proposed resolutions to John Elliott at j729@aol.com

County Convention 
Saturday, March 14th at 10:00am
If you were elected as a delegate / alternate at the February 7th Mass Precinct Meetings we would to strongly encourage you in participating in our County Convention on March 14th.  The event will once again be held at The Graduate (Formally Foundry Inn).  Registration will begin at 8:30am with doors closing at 10:00am - Be sure to arrive early! Read More 
The Graduate (Formally Foundry Inn)

District Conventions
Saturday, April 18th at 10:00am 
Delegates and Alternates elected at the March 14th County Convention will go on to serve at the April 18th District Conventions.  If you voted for Rep. Doug Collins during the past election, then you will be attending the 9th District GOP convention in Jefferson.  If you voted for Jody Hice during the general election then you will be attending the 10th District GOP convention in Greensboro.  Please review the district information below.  

9th Congressional District (Representative Doug Collins)
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10th Congressional District (Representative Jody Hice)
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GA GOP State Convention
Friday, May 15th - Saturday, May 16th 
The GA GOP State Convention will once again be held in Athens!  Delegates and alternates to this event will be elected during the March 14th County Convention.  We will have more information on this event in the coming days!  

The Classic Center