Sunday, September 07, 2008

Republican Party Statement of Philosophy

Statement of Philosophy
The Clarke County Republican Party believes in the American Dream - the promise of Freedom, Liberty, Justice and the pursuit of Individual prosperity.As Republicans we also believe that:—Free enterprise and the encouragement of individual initiative and achievement has fostered the greatest economic system on Earth.—There should be equal opportunity and equal rights for all people regardless of age, sex, race or religious creed.—A smaller, fiscally responsible government should trust its people to decide the courses of action that will ultimately create prosperity for all.—Government services are best only when individual companies cannot perform the same services.—Strong principles and morals should not be reduced to tactics.—A strong national defense is necessary to maintain peace throughout the world.We believe our nation is strong because of individuality, diversity, strong convictions and personal responsibility. As Republicans, we will continue to work diligently for the good of all citizens.