Sunday, January 01, 2006

Join The Party!


Many people mistakenly believe that when they pay dues to the Republican National Committee or join the Georgia Republican Party, they automatically become members of the Clarke County Republican Party. That isn't true. The RNC and Georgia Republican Party concentrate on national and statewide issues. The Clarke County Republican Party concentrates its efforts on hometown citizen concerns, such as working with local government to help develop more emphasis on efficiency, business/citizen friendly operations, and fiscal responsibility. We help recruit candidates and provide an organizational structure to support them in their efforts to get elected and pursue a conservative agenda. We encourage desirable local economic development in order to increase the tax base, thereby supporting higher a homestead exemption and a property tax rollback.


The local party is truly the grass roots organization of the Republican Party. You can join us at our monthly meetings to discuss local, state, and national politics. You can volunteer to help on campaigns and voter registration efforts, distribute candidate materials, and speak with local and state officials.

No matter how involved you may want to be, we invite you to print out our membership application, fill in the requested information, and send it in along with your contribution. Your dollars help us support local candidates and keep the organizational structure of the local party strong and capable of carrying out the grassroots effort that it takes to elect Republican candidates.

You can download a membership application here. When completed, mail it to:

Clarke County Republican Party
Attn: Membership
P.O. Box 1911
Athens, GA 30603

If you have a question about membership, please email membership chairperson Jean Blackstone.

Come to our next meeting and see what we're all about!