Monday, October 25, 2010

Charlie Maddox Releases Statement to Athens GOP 

Everyone is talking about Jobs.  Now, I have not only been talking about Jobs since 2006 but doing something about bringing jobs to our community. I have established relationships with employers groups, employers, industry leaders and influential persons in positions to be of help to us in recruiting new employers and keeping old ones here. I don't have to establish relationships I have already built them, I have spent years working with Democrats , Republicans and Independents to help Athens solve other problems and together we can get Athens Working again. I have spent years working with Local, State and National organizations that specialize in bringing to the table what is needed to help communities solve their problems. I will use that experience to be the Mayor of Athens that can deliver more than talk. I urge you to vote for a better tomorrow vote for     yourself, VOTE CHARLIE

-Charlie Maddox
Candidate for Mayor